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Now For Something Completely Different: New Look, New Products, Same Great Canopies


We know the saying, “don’t fix it unless it’s broke,” but, what the heck: we’re excited about our new website. There’s nothing wrong with our old website, but why not change it up a little? The seasons change and so do we!

Today, we will officially be launching our new website. What’s so new about it, you ask? For starters, we’re redesigning the look of it.  We want it to be completely easy to browse and user friendly. Looking for warranty information for your KD Kanopy tent? No problem– just take a quick look at our website for the information. Interested in learning about the fabrics we use? Surf on over to our new website and consider the new KDKanopy.com your online encyclopedia for all things canopy-related. 

To quote every infomercial salesperson ever: “but wait, there’s more!”

Yes, our new website will look cool and function well, but you’ll also have a new way to select your canopy. We offer a wide variety of color choices, but now you can actually see them on your canopy before you buy it. Want your KD tent in your team’s colors? You can click the canopy you want and change out the colors to see how it looks first.

Just one more thing: more products. We’ve already got a large assortment of products, from tear drop banners to majestic canopies, but starting May 9, we’ll have even more to offer for your sports team, event marketing, or just personal needs.

Set a bookmark to KDKanopy.com, and come check out our new website today.