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Our July Special: Get Our Best for the Best Price!


More than 30 years ago, we invented the pop-up canopy & ever since, we have been leading this industry with unique designs and the highest quality product around. Our XTF canopy is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the best in the country & until the end of the month, you can get your own 10’10’ XTF frame with a printed top (screen or digital) for only $799! Upgrade to receive 2 rail curtains with a side panel for only $400!

 What makes our XTF the best of the best? Here’s a breakdown for you.

It boasts a sturdy frame. The heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame is one of the toughest on the market-33% stronger than other aluminum frames.

It’s rugged but doesn’t look it. With industrial strength hex-shaped legs, a 300-pound man can hang from the scissor bars, no problem.

Refinement is its middle name. Binding, associated with the metal-on-metal contact of competitors’ frames, is non-existent with the XTF. Each frame is equipped with nylon resin composite fittings. This is sure to give you a smooth-gliding, support system that behaves every time you use it.

Adjustment is made easy. Don’t waste precious time during the setup process. Simply use the pull-ring snap locks for set-up & to make adjustments to the height.

It looks good, so you feel good. Our XTFs are part beauty part beast. On top of being sturdy & giving you the support you need, we are ready to make your image part of the deal too. Choose to have your logo screen or digitally printed with edge-to-edge color capabilities. Make a bold statement by picking one of 17 bold color options for the background.

The warranty is top notch. Our team of canopy magicians do all of the printing & sewing in-house, giving you the best possible quality & providing you with a 1-year warranty on your canopy top.

Hurry over to our website to get the strongest pop-up frame we have ever offered combined with the ultimate in graphic tops! The XTF 100 is a rough, tough canopy without the knockout price tag.