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Now through May 31, 2018, when you choose a display package, you choose our savings, what a deal! If you are looking to add some pizazz to your marketing display this summer, you still have time & this is the perfect way to do it. Having just a canopy at your display will catch people’s attention no doubt but wow, when you add an accessory, chances are they will have a hard time walking past you at festivals & events this summer.  Here’s a quick breakdown of options you get with our special this month.

***All options come with full color, are printed on our new Samba material, are fade resistant, water repellant, wrinkle free and they won’t crack, peel or fade!***

 Option #1

Choose a canopy + 1 accessory and get 25% off!

Option #2

Choose a canopy + 2 accessories and get 30% off!

Option #3

Choose a canopy + 3 accessories and get 35% off!

Option #4

Choose a canopy + 4 accessories and get 40% off!

***Accessories: side panels, rail curtains, table covers, banners, flags and more…***

We are the experts in creating ways for your business to be noticed. Let us help you wow the crowd this summer. Head over to our website to start the process today!