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Keep the Customers Happy: Pop Up Canopies for Your Restaurant Patio


shade canopyNothing can ruin a nice patio experience quicker than the blistering summer heat and blinding sun. While the gloomy winter months might still be upon us, that doesn’t mean it’s too soon for your restaurant to plan ahead for this summer. As a restaurant owner, you might not think you can get much use out of a pop up canopy. Luckily, KD Kanopy has over 25 years of experience with canopies so we know just what the right canopy is capable of. Check out our list of three ways a shade canopy can make your customers’ experience a bit more enjoyable.

  • Patio coverage. Nothing is better on a nice spring day than enjoying lunch out on the patio. But do you want your customers getting a sunburn while they enjoy their burger? Hopefully not. Keep your patio inviting with the help of a pop up canopy. If wedding planners and art fairs use our pop up canopies for their aesthetic value, we think they’d look great on your patio, too! When you’re done for the day, just pack it up in a minute. Looking for a more long-term solution? We also have the KD Classic shade canopy that’s made to use over multiple days – or even weeks.
  • Promotional Events. Does your city host festivals, carnivals or other events where restaurants are welcome? Don’t be one of the many vendors with a plain white tent. With our custom canopy options, you can serve some delicious food while standing out in a crowd. Attending a big event? We’ve got unique options like the StarShade that’s meant to accommodate more people.
  • Long lines. Is your bar or restaurant so popular that there’s a line to get in? Yeah, we thought so. Give those people waiting a bit of shade and something to remember you by in one of our custom canopies. When their friends ask them the next day about what restaurant they went to, it won’t be hard to remember because your logo was printed right on the canopy.

Running a restaurant can come with a lot of stresses. You want your staff to be happy, your food to be good and your customers to be full. That’s why canopies should be the last thing on your list to worry about. KD Kanopy specializes in easy to use pop up canopies that won’t fall short after just one use. To get one for yourself, contact KD Kanopy to get a quote!