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Pop-Up Tent Basics: Setting Up Your Tent


pop-up tentsThe essence of a good pop-up tent is its ability to be setup and taken down with ease. With our history of innovation in the canopy industry and use of high-quality products, KD Kanopy ensures that you’ll never spend half of your event just getting your tent set up. While we make our canopies to withstand regular use over time, there are a few tips that can help keep your pop-up tent in the best shape possible.

  • Plan ahead. Just got your canopy shipment? Before taking it to your first event of the season, be sure to set it up at home first. This will give you plenty of time to read and understand directions as well as make sure all parts are in the package.
  • Use two people for set-up. There is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to setting up your canopy. We make our pop-up tents easy enough for just two people to setup, so there’s no need for the whole soccer team to help out. It won’t speed up the process – you’ll just all trip over each other.
  • Stop if you encounter resistance. If you ever encounter resistance when setting up your canopy, do not force it to lock into place. This could cause pressure on the scissor bar and cause further damage. Your canopy is meant to set up with ease – not be a pain in the neck.

Need some extra guidance on set up? Check out our YouTube channel to view setup videos for many of our canopies. For information on our pop-up tent lineup, visit our website or request a quote.