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Prepping for the Oscars: Our Latest and Greatest Video


After sifting through our video archives and coming across a retro KD Kanopy gem­—complete with acid wash jeans and all—we decided it was time to make another video. Sure, we give you our regular installment of how-to videos or quickies on setting up your new canopy, but we wanted something a bit more substantial …something Oscars worthy.

May we present our latest masterpiece?

We’re always bragging (is it really considered bragging if it’s true?) about how our tents require little to no assembly and how two people can set one up in literally little time at all. So what better way to prove it to you than with our videos?

And of course, we think of all our KD Kanopy tents as sort of our own children. Since we don’t play favorites, allow us to show off all of our kids in this video. Did we mention yet that they can come with custom graphics?