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Questions to Ask Before Buying an Event Tent


An event tent is a great asset that can quickly become a valuable marketing tool, promoting your business efficiently at various events. However, to be able to make the most of your tent, you need a unit that is right for your business – here are some questions that you will need to ask yourself before making the investment:

  • The type of ground that the tent will be set up in and the weather it will need to withstand – tents that stand on soil need different fasteners than the ones that stand on asphalt, so try to figure out the best fastening solution. Also, think about the type of weather that your tent will need to endure – the weather will determine the material and the printing solution that best works for your tent;
  • The size – figure out how much space you will need in your tent – the detail will help you figure the style of your tent, too;

custom event tents

  • The accessories – promotional custom event tents are all about brand exposure, so figure the types of accessories that you will need in your tent, such as special furnishing items, lighting solutions, banners, a separate area for meetings, fencing, A-frame signs, flags or something else.