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RECAP: Interbike Market Week


Learning from our peers is a powerful and more direct way to gain the knowledge needed to enchance  your business, no matter the industry.

 At KD Kanopy, we serve a variety of many different industries. Anything from pizza to sports teams to bikes. Every year we take part in a number of trade shows across the country to show off our quality branding products. Last week, we had the privilege of being in Reno, Nevada for North America’s leading cycling event for the trade, The Interbike Market Week.

Although this year’s event is officially in the books, we wanted to put the spotlight on it this week, we had that much fun & want you all to know all about it. Long story short, it’s a weeklong celebration of all things cycling! Ok, here’s more of that long story.

The Northstar California Resort is the new location for this event & they couldn’t have picked a better one. The outstanding September weather was coupled with expanded space which allowed both riders & companies to participate & get outdoors. Not to mention, this area of the country has some of the most epic riding conditions.

The week consisted of mountain bike races, chair lift access, bike demos, e-mountain bike loops, kids rodeos, a wine walk, beer festival, live music & good food .

The week transitioned from the consumer demo to the private retailer demo to the industry’s premier bike demo. If you are part of the biking industry, you need to be there next year.

This year,  education was put at the forefront of the seminars. Hopefully next year is the same. The 3 keynote speakers that spoke this year included John Venuizen, the CEO of Ace Hardware Corporation, who talked about the success of his 5,000 independent store owners. Retail prophet Doug Stevens was there to help retailers with ideas about how to compete in this post-digital world. And David Mead, a leadership expert used the bestselling book, Start with Why, to talk about the importance of the environment and culture of a business.

Besides the incredible seminars, they launched an all new, in-person mechanic certification program this year.Very cool.

KD Kanopy was so excited to be a part of all the action this year. We are looking forward to making many branding dreams come true as we create custom, eye-catching marketing tools for those that we met last week.

Mark your calendars for next year’s event & get ready to have the whole mountain to yourself, this really is  a demo like no other.

Next year’s event will take place from September 15-September 19, 2019.

              Looking to get in on the custom, eye-catching marketing tools? We can help! Check out our website for more details.