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New Year’s Resolutions Your Pop Up Canopy Can Stand For


shade canopiesWith 2011 behind us, it’s time for the age old tradition of making ourselves promises we hope to keep for the following year. This time, forget about “eat less ice cream” or “learn to parallel park.” KD Kanopy has a few ideas for you, your business and your pop up canopy to make 2012 the best year yet.

  • Take care of your canopy. Your custom canopy has seen you through a lot – tradeshows, sporting events, festivals, etc. So shouldn’t you go the extra mile to take care of your friend in the new year? That means putting it away in adverse weather and not packing it up still soaking wet!
  • Go for the upgrade. It’s not uncommon for one of our pop up canopies to last a decade or more. But in that time, we’ve also come up with some pretty innovative new products. In 2012, treat yourself to a StarShade or custom canopy. And who says you have to ditch the old one? Two canopies are better than one!
  • Plan for the future. There’s nothing better than having the best looking display at this spring’s tradeshow. With our range of banners and custom canopy options, you can look good and feel good while getting noticed. It might still be January, but who says it’s too early to plan for tradeshow season?

Since 1984, KD Kanopy has manufactured high-quality, custom pop up canopies and digital signage for a wide-range of corporate and casual clients. Our products are easily customizable with digital or screen printing. Looking to stand out in the crowd? Go to KD Kanopy for your custom canopy needs.