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Ring in 2015 With Some A Fun Q&A From Our Employees


First off, Happy New Years Eve everyone! Or, if you are reading this and the calendar reads 2015: Happy New Year! Looking back on 2014, we have a lot to be proud of and grateful for. Of course, at the top of the list are our wonderful customers. We have received some incredible compliments this year on our customer service, quality of tents and timeliness. We are thrilled we are able to help increase your presence and branding at events with our canopies.

We are also thankful for our incredible staff, which makes this company worthy of the amazing testimonials we see day in and out. Our fun office culture and dynamic make our company an incredible place to work. We believe that makes us a stronger company and able to be our best for you. To wrap up this year, we wanted to make sure you got to know some of our employees more.

If you missed it, here is a list of who we chat with:

1. Check out Ian’s Q&A here where he shares what is most proud of with the company and lets out something you would be surprised to know about him.






2. We also hear from Chuck, where he talks more about how KD Kanopy originated all because of a crazy storm. That storm led to a bright idea and we are now leading the industry in innovation and new ideas.





3. Matt Kayser, the President, talks challenges and rewards and tells us, makes KD Kanopy different from competitors.





4. And Mary, who is our newest employee, shares a funny moment of working here and tells us why this job is unlike any other.






Now, we chat with some other KD Kanopy employees, who share proud and funny moments, memorable customers and New Years Resolutions. Enjoy!

 Q: What are you most proud of with KD Kanopy in 2015? 

The entire team. I joke around a lot, but this crew is one of the best. –John Mac, Graphic Designer. (Keep an eye on John’s answer and you will see he really does joke around a lot!)

I would have to say the growth. We are growing like crazy and it is nice to see that the sales are increasing every year!  – Shelly Bangs, Account Executive.

I am extremely proud of our expectation of growth for the year of 2015 and I know we will work as a team to hit our goal! –Maranda Bell, Account Executive.

2. Most memorable customer?

I don’t have one specific memorable customer, however, I will have to say that I absolutely love working with all the Papa Murphy’s Franchise owners! They have been one of my most loyal customers and I just love seeing them grow as a company as well! I get excited for them as they open new stores and expand over the US. – Shelly Bangs.

My most memorable customer has to be Amy from Hutshop.com – She always makes it a point to make me laugh on every call that we have. I love how personable she is! It’s such a highlight during my busy days.  – Maranda Bell

Most memorable customer would be Kidney Stones Treatment. When he received his tent he called me and said he just set everything up and it brought tears to his eyes. The frame is very durable and the graphics looks beautiful! –Kami Knight, Account Executive.

They don’t let me talk to customers. I am locked in a room with Manila paper, crayons and finger paint all day. It’s glorious. –John Mac

3. Funniest or most memorable moment of this year with KD Kanopy?

My best memory of this year at KD Kanopy was when I turned 30 and everyone decorated my office (with crazy ecards) and surprised me with all sorts of fun presents and a hot sauce of the month club subscription! –Lisa Fay, Account Executive.

When Lisa got tears in her eyes when she saw her office decorated for her 30th Birthday. – Kami Knight

The monthly Hot Sauce of the Month club tastings by the group. Always starts with lots of machismo masking fear inevitably followed by everyone walking around in excruciating pain laughing at each others burning misfortune. – John Mac

I can’t say that I have a “funniest moment” because every day in the office of KD Kanopy is an experience in itself. But, every year we collect donations for our charity golf tournament and this past year Monster Energy donated a bunch of t-shirts in various sizes. Well, our 6ft 225-pound manager decided to put on a women’s small t-shirt then came down and surprised his sales team with his new attire. We were all dying laughing! – Maranda Bell

We have many funny moments here, however, I will have to say the one thing that I will miss the most going into 2015 is John Behrens.  He retired this year and he was such an awesome and fun loving Co Worker.  He would make me laugh every day and he will be greatly missed here at KD! – Shelly Bangs

4. What are your New Years Resolutions?

My New Year’s resolution is to attend church every week as well as volunteer in the kid’s ministry. I have wanted to give my time at least once a week to a charity or organization and its time to take the plunge!–Maranda Bell

My New Year’s resolution is to complete a marathon this year. –Lisa Fay

Start smoking and quit working out. Maybe, if I can achieve the first two, I will add a third, but let’s not get the cart ahead of the horse.  – John Mac