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Scoot on Over To Our You Tube Page to Pick Out Your Next Canopy

KD StarTwin 685 & 1320

Have you been over to our You Tube Page where we have set up videos of our canopies? Two of the most recent showcase the StarTwin 685 and 1320. Normal Setup time is around 45 minutes and tear down is even less.

Here’s the video link:

KD StarTwin 685 & 1320

Here are some written instructions as well on these sturdy tents.

Your package should contain a measuring cable, center plate, 6 steel stakes, steel assist bar, jack handle, center pole (5 sections), stake puller and your fabric top.

Place your center plate into the ground and attach the middle loop of the measuring cable, take the other two ends and walk away until the cable is taught. Walk in a large circle to make sure that your area for the canopy is clear.

When holding both ends of the cable place your first stake. Then, take one end of the cable and place it on your stake and the other end on the center plate, hold the middle loop of the cable and walk away until it is taught on both ends, now place your 2nd stake, repeat this process until all 6 stakes are set into the ground.

Roll your fabric out and place the aluminum cuffs over the end of the stake

Take your aluminum poles out of the bag, leaving the protective tubing inside the bag, put the poles together making sure that the jack is at the bottom and the dome is at the top.

Place assist bar through hole in jack and use two people to pick up the pole and walk under the fabric. Place the dome cap into the steel ring and keep walking forward. Once taught, have two people lift up on the assist bar and lift the pole onto the center plate.

Use crank handle to tension the canopy until you can feel the fabric snap back, be careful not to over tension your canopy. Enjoy the shade and added professionalism and branding for your company!

Don’t forget to check out the set up video to showcase for the KDStarshade 400 & 800. If you are looking to add a strong branding and professionalism to your event, check out the video here.