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Screen Printing Extravaganza


You know how infomercials always have gimmicks to push their deals? Listen, guy, I don’t believe it was really that hard to open that milk carton. There’s no way you’d get a black eye doing that. We’re not so into that method of selling our product. That’s why we just tell you when we have some deals going on. Like this:

For the month of September, KD Kanopy is offering 20% off on all screen printed items. (that’s 1/5 off for you fractions lovers). That’s enough to afford a new pair of shoes. That’s even enough to brag about.

So, what can you get screen printed? The Advantage, PartyShade, Majestic, Monarch and StarShade. In other words, all of our tents can be custom screen printed for you. As an awesome bonus, all of our tents (except the Advantage) are available for advanced screen printing, which means you can use over three colors and get really wild with it.

We’re not the type to pressure you into something, but c’mon. Really. This is a good deal you don’t want to pass up. All of your friends are doing it. The cool kids too. All you have to do is place your screen printed order in the month of September for 20% off.