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For the Thirsty Masses: Shade Canopies for Beverage Distributors


As a beverage distributor, you’ve got one goal in mind: brand awareness. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar brand like Coca-Cola or a local brewery looking to make a name for yourself, we know you’re on the move. You’re hitting up local festivals and maybe even throwing a party or two. What does all this mean? You’re gonna need some canopies. Who wants the sun right in their eyes or a warm drink on a 90 degree day? That’s where we come in.

shade canopyAt KD Kanopy, we don’t just sell you a shade canopy to keep your customers happy – we help you stand out in a crowd. And with countless other products vying for that same audience you are, it’s going to take something eye-catching to get the job done. KD Kanopy has worked with major companies, like Budweiser, Coors, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Miller and Coca-Cola. Whether you’re amongst their ranks or just getting your feet wet, our variety of shade canopies and custom printing options will help promote your beverage.

Unlike the canopy you can grab up the street at the hardware store, we offer custom canopies and canopies meant to stand use over multiple years. Opt for screen or digital printing and proudly display your logo at the next big event. And don’t worry about time for set up and take down: with just a few minutes and a few people, you and your beverage will be ready to show off to the crowd.

Looking for a little something extra? We also offer custom digital signage, with everything from the unique Spinning Dart to the classic Teardrop. Whatever your needs (and beverage), contact KD Kanopy today to help you reach the thirsty masses.