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SHOUTOUT THURSDAY: BrewHound Dog Park + Bar


Happiness is a choice & for years we have had no other choice but to be happy when we hear about a satisfied client. In this case,  we are not only thrilled to know that our client is content with their KD product but their business will make other people happy & for that, we are so excited! At KD Kanopy we thoroughly enjoy helping you brand your business in a way that brings the people to you & for this particular business, the dogs too.

“WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It came out so well + so bold and we can tell how well it’s made.”


We are thrilled to have Brew Hound Dog Park + Bar join our KD Kanopy family with this stand out pop-up that they can put to use at local festivals & networking events. We love that their logo & business name are printed boldly on the top. It makes them easy to spot when a bunch of canopies are all set up at an event. Surely, lots of people in Florida want a good spot to pull over during a festival, enjoy some shade & hear about their incredible business that is coming soon to Neptune Beach, Florida!

Coffee, local beer & wine, dogs, sunshine, friendly people & spending time outside. We can’t think of a better way to spend some time. Brew Hound is making it possible for the people of Jacksonville soo! If you find yourself in the Northern Florida area, do yourself a favor & put this place on your ‘must visit’ list. You will be able to enjoy a beverage (hot or cold) while hanging out with your doggie, fellow doggies & their owners.

Brew Hound is set to hook you up with an offering of local dog-friendly hiking, camps & other adventures for you to “Get outside, with your dog!

We wish them all the best as they get ready to open this one-of-a-kind gathering place & look forward to helping them with their future branding needs. Welcome to the KD Kanopy family Brew Hound!