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Show the Love: Taking Care of Your Pop Up Canopy this Winter


shade canopiesWith winter weather just around the corner, you might not be getting much outdoor use of your shade canopy at the moment. Your custom canopy made the rounds to all the major tournaments and big games this past season and held up well, but now it might be time to give it a rest until next season (unless you’re these guys from Scion!). If you don’t plan on getting any indoor use out of your canopy this season, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you pack it in for the winter.

  • Remove the top. Maybe it’s raining or you’re in a rush, but it’s important to always remove the top of your canopy before packing it up. Neglecting this step might cause damage to your custom canopy that may require repair or replacement. And we know you don’t want that!
  • Make sure the top is dry. Now that you know how important it is to remove your canopy’s top before putting it away, you should know that it also needs to be dry. Would you ever leave your wet clothes in the washer for a month to collect mold and mildew? We hope not. So don’t do the same to your canopy top!
  • Store your canopy in the bags provided. When your pop up canopy arrives in the mail, it will also come with handy carrying bags for easy transportation. Use these! Anytime you take your canopy down after an event or meet, be sure to store it in the proper bags.

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