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Small Business, Smaller Budget Marketing Strategies During Covid


The current pandemic has forced many small businesses to suspend their activities, but some of them have decided that they cannot give up, so they conceived creative strategies, tools and opportunities allowing them to continue to serve their customers and even strengthen their position on the market.

KD Kanopy

In these difficult times doing business as usual is almost impossible. In order to maintain their customers, revenues and employees, companies have to prove a lot of flexibility and creativity in their sales and distribution strategies.

Discovering a new segment of customers, or reinventing the business

In many cases, the clientele on which small businesses relied can no longer directly benefit from the services they provide. Thus, businesses have reoriented and developed new serving technologies or discovered new market segments that they can address to during this period.

Reinventing how to reach customers

Many entrepreneurs who do not have the opportunity to reinvent themselves during this period or to create new products or services have shown a lot of creativity and tact in optimizing the channel through which their products or services reach end customers. Promotional branding through companies like KD Kanopy is one way to reach out to existing or new potential clients.


There are entrepreneurs who quickly understood that making a partnership will help them to go easier through these turbulent times. For example, there are large companies that take on temporary employees from other businesses, florists that partner with decoration stores to provide solutions to create green spaces on balconies or inside customers’ homes etc.