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Spooky Halloween Marketing Spoofs


Halloween is lurking in the near future which is a great excuse for some fun marketing tactics. Candy, costumes, and spooktacular Halloween decorations are filling the spaces at local small businesses and big box retailers. Halloween happens to be one of the biggest money makers for retailers as millions of Americans plan to participate in festivities spending close to $9 billion dollars this year, according to our friends at USA Today.

So, in essence, if your business isn’t partaking in a head-turning Halloween marketing campaign, you’re missing out.  But, there are a few companies that have taken this idea to a whole new level by adding pranks to their campaigns. Here are a few of our favorites.

LG’s product-demo video is so real it’s scary!

Back in 2012, LG took a traditionally boring product-demo video and made a memorable spoof. They claimed to have images on LG IPS TV screens that were life-like. They had a team of technicians install these screens to the floor of the inside an elevator. When unsuspecting riders got in, they were really in for a treat. Watch the clip here!

 Ford’s “Spooky Car Wash Prank”

Scaring people is a classic Halloween prank, right? Ford really out did themselves when they took that concept and bumped it up a notch. The people in this video asked to stop off at a local car wash on the way to a filmed test drive. Let’s just say, they were lucky they made it out. Check out the clip hereRice Krispies’ Vending Scare

Who doesn’t love to stop at the vending machine and how many of us are tempted to stick our hand in to receive the treat? Rick Krispies put a twist on this idea by grabbing that hand back. Nothing like a good scare to increase your appetite! Watch this one in action here.