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Sporting Canopies: Show Your Team Pride


pop-up tentsNo matter the season, there seems to be one constant on the TVs and in the parks of the United States: sporting events. Whether it’s football in the fall or soccer in the spring, there’s always something going on. If you’re an athlete, event promoter or just a team’s “#1 fans”, KD Kanopy has a few ideas on how to use one of our shade canopies for the next big game.

  • Water station. Putting on a big sporting event, like a triathlon or cycling race, can come with a lot of headaches. The last of your worries should be athletes being fatigued by heat or under hydrated. Using a pop up canopy from KD Kanopy, you can set up an easy and convenient water station for athletes to congregate, cool down and refuel without the sun beating down on them.
  • Team, Brand or Business promo. There’s no better time to spread the word about your new bike shop or traveling soccer team than at the next big tournament. Set up shop with one of our custom canopies, digital printed to showcase your logo. Don’t forget about our accessories, like table covers and rail curtains, to make your booth one that really stands out.
  • Tailgating with team pride. You love your team; we get it. All those guys with their tiny white tents will know you’re the real #1 fan when you show up with your custom canopy, printed with your team’s logo and colors.

Whether you’re looking for just the basics or a custom canopy with all the accessories, KD Kanopy has you covered. Visit our website to see our entire lineup of pop up canopies and shade canopies for your next outing.