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Spread the Love with Valentine’s Day Marketing



No matter where you fall into the spectrum of loving or hating Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to avoid, especially if you’re a small business owner. Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is happening next week. Use this to your advantage! Hopefully, you know your customers well enough and you can woo them with your marketing. Really pull at their heartstrings (or better yet, their wallets). Valentine’s day is a multi-billion dollar day. On average, people who are celebrating will spend an average of $162 on Valentine’s Day, that’s a whopping $20.7 billion dollars across the country this year. People are spending money on greeting cards, jewelry, flowers, gifts, eating out, etc. We could write a whole blog on the wild statistics of the day but there are plenty of those out there. We like this one for all the fun facts. Instead, we want to give you a few of our favorite ways to bring that revenue to you through marketing. Try our ideas out and let us know how it goes.

Spread the Love with Social Media

Social media is used in some way, shape, or form by just about everybody these days. A rush of social media activity is created by special occasions like Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to engage your customers through your social media accounts. Having people share their love stories is one of our favorites. Or have customers use a specific hash tag. Grab their attention by boosting the holiday colors and adding some romance to your accounts. We always love how Dunkin Donuts incorporates fun and vibrant marketing to their online presence. In years past, and this year, they are running a Valentine’s Day themed special & it sounds delicious!

Don’t Forget the Singles!

Nearly half of the American adult population is single so it’s probably a good idea to send them a message on Valentine’s Day too. They will be included on your consumer list, have fun incorporating them into your marketing strategy, they are sure to appreciate it. A discount on take out or delivery food might be nice. This way, singles can avoid an overcrowded restaurant of happy couples. A few years back, Match.com ran a saucy campaign urging single men to enjoy their freedom while it lasts. Goodwill has done a campaign titled Don’t Hate, Donate which urged their consumers to donate their Ex’s belongings instead of throwing them away. There are a lot of fun ideas out there, just don’t leave the singles out!

Promote Two for One Deals

Obviously, Valentine’s Day is all about couples which is why we think it is the perfect day to pair with a ‘two for one’ campaign. In other words, buy one get one free. But, it’s Valentine’s Day so if you add the charm of buying for two instead of one, you are sure to boost your sales. Helzberg Diamonds put a twist on this idea last year, a sparkly twist that is. If you spent $699.99 or more you got a free 40” Vizio Smart TV. In this deal, you got an impressive jewelry gift and a jumbo TV, all for the price of one. This one was a win-win for married couples everywhere.

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