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Spreading Happiness through Customer Reviews


It’s no doubt that customer happiness is our number one priority. After all, fulfilling our loyal customers’ needs and wants is the reason for our business in the first place. We get lots of happy customer reviews and want to share the wealth with you.

Our customers are always satisfied with the overall quality in the product they choose. We strive to keep leading this industry with quality and innovation in pop up canopies, tents and other branding tools. Our knowledgeable team is always excited to help you market your business, whether it’s the artists who help you design your look or our sales team who will help you pick out the right product for your business. We are proud that you have chosen us and love helping you put your business in front of a crowd.

Here are some happy testimonials from current clients…

”We use our KD Kanopy’s for our L.L.Bean Bootmobile Program. They complement our event footprint very well and make our brand come to life.”    -L.L. Bean

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile is the coolest! This oversized boot, a truck turned boot, travels the country (they’ve hit 14 states & 160,000 miles) to participate in events where their expert guides will show you some fun through outdoor activities, games, and demonstrations. You can check out this big boot in a city near you.

“The main reason we use the star shades is to create a point of difference at events.”-Muscle Milk


These guys couldn’t have said it better…the star shades instantly helps you stand out of the crowd. Our innovative star shade sets up fast and is easy to take down. Not only does it provide you with this convenience, but its unique shape quickly becomes the star of the show. Speaking of being the star of the show, Muscle Milk aims at providing their customers with the protein they need to optimize their performance. They offer all kinds of different products that will help you with anything from exercise recovery to filling in the space between meals. Check out more about their products here.

 “The canopy/tent is working out so well. We love it! Great quality and everyone loves it!” -Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District


Greenville County, located in South Carolina, is home to nearly half a million people. Their soil and water conservation district helps to keep their beautiful land just that, beautiful. They have the ultimate goal of saving the water and soil of Greenville so that future generations can enjoy it. How might they do this you ask? Volunteers. They help educate people of Greenville about the importance of these natural resources. Here’s the thing. There are over 3,000 conservation districts across our country. Find your local conservation district to get educated on how you can make a difference in protecting your forests, water, soil, wildlife and your air. These are important things in life. Everybody can make a difference.