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Spring and Summer Sports – How to Keep Spectators Comfortable


custom pop up tents

Spring and summer sports are enjoyable not only for the players, but for the spectators as well. While the players do not care too much about their comfort, spectators prefer to watch the game from sheltered places and in clean conditions – here are some ways to be comfortable:

  • Provide suitably sized and comfortable seating – this is especially important for long games, such as baseball, soccer, or Lacrosse. Pillows can do a great job;
  • Provide blankets – the weather can change quickly in spring and a cold breeze can start any time in summer as well, so soft blankets come in handy at all time;
  • Provide coverage for rainy weather – Easy to set up custom pop up tents can provide coverage from the hot sun or a sudden rain storm.
  • Measures to maintain distance – people should be seated at least 6 feet apart from each other. In some situations, that might require removing every other chair, in others, if the seating is a bench, it might require marking seats at a safe distance;
  • Measures to ensure hygiene – providing hand sanitizers is very important for ensuring that the necessary measures of hygiene are respected and that spectators feel not only comfortable, but safe as well. Small bottles of hand sanitizers might also be made available at the entrance to further improve personal safety during the game.