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Spring Break for Brands: Getting the Right Canopy


shade canopiesTo the working professionals of the world, spring break is a distant memory and even more distant on the calendar of events. But for college students and company brands, the time is now to prepare for spring break. Every year, hundreds of college kids flock to the South for sun and sand in late March and early April. And that means now is the time for your brand to prepare. With the right branding (and canopies), your company can have it made in the shade. How?

  • The “cool” spot to be. While part of spring break is getting your tan on, people still need to cool off. A strategically placed shade canopy can give people a place to get out of the sun and heat.
  • Branding, branding, branding. Aside from the obvious benefits (shelter and shade), our pop-up tents give you a way to get your name out there. With our custom canopies, you can print your name or logo on every square inch of your canopy so nobody will forget who you are even when they’re back home.
  • If you build it, they will come. The nature of spring break (and the beach) is that everybody is one with the water, sand and sun. There might be hotels and a boardwalk nearby, but more likely than not, there is nowhere “to go.” Make your brand stand out by setting up one of our StarShade tents with a few tables and lounge chairs to give people someplace to relax and grab a drink.

Whether you’re a beverage distributor trying to make a name for yourself or a restaurant looking to feed the masses, spring break is a great opportunity to promote your brand. And with the right pop-up tent from KD Kanopy, you’ll be well on your way.