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StarShade 400: So Easy That We Won’t Even Name Who Could Do It


Have you ever looked at one of our StarShade 400 tents and thought how unique and cool it looks, but “how could I possibly put that together myself?” Luckily, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. We won’t insult any of our cavemen ancestors by claiming just how easy it is, but trust us, it’s easy.

Our philosophy is simple: spend the day enjoying your tent, not setting it up. That’s why we’ve got an easy little tutorial to explain how to set up your StarShade 400 (or just to convince you how easy it would be if you had your own!).

Check out this video of our guys setting up a StarShade 400.

All done…and not a drop of sweat on their brows! And no, we didn’t time lapse this: it’s just that easy. Want to know what the StarShade 400 looks like in 360 degrees? We’ve got a video for that too!