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StarStage: For the Budding Bono in All of Us


The setup for the U2 stage on their 360° tour took up to three days. If only somebody had told them about the KD Kanopy StarStage.

At 17.3’ high, the StarStage canopy covers 550 square feet with five elegant arches and an open front for – you guessed it – excellent acoustics. And, unlike U2’s stage, this one will leave you time to put it up, mingle with your adoring fans and tune up before the gig. Set up just takes a few people and a few minutes.

While an outdoor concert may leave you at the mercy of Mother Nature, you won’t have to worry about the StarShade getting wet. The top, made from 500 Denier Oxford Polyester, is water resistant, flame retardant and UV protected. The base is aluminum – that means no rusting if you do get caught in a sudden storm.

But don’t get us wrong – the StarStage isn’t just for your next outdoor gig. Our friends over at Monster Energy Drink use it for display tables and one of our clients bolted it to their deck for some extra stage space. If you want to get really ingenious with it, we even have golf instructors use it for shade during swinging practice.

Whether you’re a musician looking to get started, a parks and rec department looking to host a great event or just somebody who loves the shade, the StarStage comes in 13 bold colors to fit whatever occasion you throw at it.