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Another week, another happy client. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week, one to always remember!

 Hearing from happy clients is something we are always grateful for but this time of year makes it even more special. This week, we are featuring Bayern (pronounced Bye-ern) Brewing, a unique & sophisticated brewery located in Missoula, MT.

I highly recommend KD Kanopy. The company is very easy to work with and answered all my questions which made the process simple and quick. We had great turnaround time and our KD Kanopy was packaged neatly together with instructions. I had my first event with the new tent and received compliments from not only the customers but the other reps as well. We will definitely work with KD Kanopy again! -Shawna, Bayern Brewing

What’s not to love about a testimonial that exudes optimism about our product? We aim to create custom canopies that boost your brand and are easy to use. This one does just that. Sadly, the cute dog it not included in our branding tools. We know that events get busy. We don’t want you to spend much time setting up your branding tools. We make the process easy & quick for you so that you can show off your product within a matter of minutes.

Showing off Bayern’s brand is important because this brewing is not like any other. Their branding set up shouldn’t be either. Bayern, when translated, means the German state of Bavaria which is the homeland of Jurgen Knoller, the brewery’s owner & Masterbrewer.

Their beer represents the tradition of Bavaria, an area known for producing the “world’s most famous and sophisticated beer”. Even more uniquely, their beer is brewed in strict accordance to the German Law of Purity, dating back to 1516. This means there is no added adjuncts, berries, artificial carbonation, or other odd ingredients. Their beer is all about the basics – malted barley, yeast, hops, and water.

 All of their beers are brewed in state-of-the-art equipment which produces quality standards. Their process takes twice as long as mass-produced domestic lagers. Are you thirsty yet? We are!

Adding to the uniqueness of their product is their focus on sustainability. They are using 100% reused glass, making them the first to do so in the state of Montana and only one of a few to do so in the country. They have been buying back their 6-pack holders and/or giving trade-in value to recyclers for beer or merchandise in their tasting room. Participate with a Bayern Ecopack (for glass recycling purposes) and get a refund for bottles you return to the brewery. Read more about their amazing sustainability efforts here!

We love everything that this company stands for and we fully support their efforts. It will be exciting to watch their business grow in the future, and of course, we are excited to provide them with all the branding tools to help them stand out!