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Testimonial Thursday: Boomer Radio


Happy Testimonial Thursday! There’s no better feeling than having a happy client. Well, there might be 1 thing, music. Music makes us all feel good, right? Well, that’s exactly what Boomer Radio plays – music that makes you feel good! We are thrilled to have these guys as part of our KD Kanopy family and are excited to help them strike a chord within their community by standing out at events.

We are in the marketing business and displaying a professional brand when we are out in the community is very important.  Our KD Kanopy is the anchor of our on-location presence and it is always a hit!  This is our second one from KD and they have always been prompt and professional! -Boomer Radio

Boomer Radio plays out of Omaha, Nebraska but thanks to the internet, we can all listen live, right now!

This station does it all. They have a great broadcast show for those who live in Omaha (or the surrounding area), they have Boomer Podcasts, you can listen live with the internet, they have contests and they are often out in their community showing their support at a variety of different events or doing on-location broadcasts.

That’s where we come in. With a top-notch radio station like this, it’s important to not only stand out of the crowd but to look good doing it. Choosing a custom canopy from KD Kanopy will take care of both of those things. It’s extra important that Boomer looks good as they do various on-location broadcasts. We are beyond happy to hear that both their music and their canopy is a hit around town. We are looking forward to having Boomer as part of our KD family in the future and can’t wait to hear about the successes of their radio station, it will be music to our ears.