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We’ve mentioned it before but we will mention it again. We have the best clients! There’s nothing better than helping you all expand your business by creating a way for you to be noticed and that’s what we do best. We are always grateful to hear the happiness that exudes from a client after they put their canopy to use. This week is no exception as we hear from Cecilia Designs, a handmade jewelry enthusiast out of Tisbury, MA.

 “The Canopy is truly beautiful and it looks very professional and my customers can identify where I am at a show very easily. I can’t say enough about their customer service, it is truly refreshing when you do business with people who are knowledgeable and honest.”- Cecilia Designs

 We know Cecilia participates in a lot of outdoor shows, markets & other vending opportunities. This is where we step in. A custom KD Kanopy is perfect for the intense East Coast weather. They’re perfect for any coast, really, but there’s something about the East Coast that screams heat, wind, rain & some snow. You will want to be protected. Just like Cecilia mentions, “I bought the top-of-the-line aluminum grade frame in anticipation of doing a 2-day show in October in the North East where the weather can be really bad”. 2 years later, and Cecilia’s XTF is still going strong, pun intended. So strong in fact that she sometimes “can’t help to show off and do pull-ups from the crossbars”. We love her enthusiasm! Our products are made to be durable and last a long time but of course, having a client be able to do pull-ups on the crossbars really speaks to the strength of our product (and our clients!)

As a small business owner, we know you have a lot on your plate & we strive to make your experience as a KD Kanopy owner an easy one. There’s nothing worse than getting to a show & spending too much time setting up a stubborn canopy, hoping not to pinch your fingers, and breaking out in a sweat before you talk to your future customers. Our products will leave you feeling the exact opposite. Cecilia noted, “Once I dragged it out of my car into my booth, the ease in which it goes up is truly remarkable”. This is even more remarkable knowing that Cecilia is a “61-year-old female”. We applaud her both for her physical strength & her strength as a business owner.

 Cecilia is a native Peruvian who’s brilliant artistic abilities started back when she was 14. Jewelry making has since taken her to New York, Italy, Boston, and Norway. Since 1983, Cecilia’s designs, which are a fusion of Inca design with the clean, slick lines of Scandinavia and the geometry of Art-Deco, have been in over 250 galleries, boutiques, gift shops and museums across the country.  After spending some time in a retail shop on Martha’s Vineyard, you can now find Cecilia gallivanting around Massachusetts to various retail shows.

We are grateful to have Cecilia as a client and look forward to the beautiful jewelry she has yet to create!