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It’s been a beautiful week here in Denver and today we get to share some of that sunshine with all of you in the form of a testimonial. Today’s testimonial features a unique and invigorating client, Crow’s Feat Farm. They are a long way from us in CO but their mission to cultivate community feels like home.

The bandshell tent was a HUGE hit this summer, with all of our musicians, and with audiences.  It created the perfect set-up and visuals for what we were trying to achieve.  It also withstood a massive storm and gusting winds, keeping our 15-piece band fairly well protected. It was an easy set up take down which we appreciated as we used it for 12 concerts this summer. -Karen, Crow Feat Farm

This NH farm has it all – 100 acres of fruits (including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, kiwiberries, pears, and peaches), vegetables (including tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, onions, spinach, corn, lettuce, beans, swiss chard, squash, yams, and broccoli). They even cultivate their own maple syrup!

Almost as impressive as their cultivated goods, is their summer concert series (this is where the KD Kanopy comes in!) 2020 hasn’t been an easy time for musicians but Crow Feat Farm created a way for them to shine this summer. They held 12 outdoor concerts between July and September as a way for local musicians to “celebrate their craft, make a bit of money, and bring joy to our lives”. Their “field of dreams” (how creative!) kept everyone safe with social distancing. Their farm had plenty of space for everyone to spread out, enjoy their picnic and listen to some local tunes every Sunday afternoon this summer.

Of course, it is music to our ears to hear that their canopy stood the test of some weather this summer. The durability of our tents is one of the reasons that we lead this industry. Not to mention, they are are easy to set up and take down so you don’t have anything to stress about after relaxing the Sunday afternoon away listening to music.

We are so happy to have Crow Feat Farm as clients and are inspired by their mission to “build community through a collaborative commitment to regenerative farming”. We know that they will achieve their goals of providing the best goods to their Seacoast community. Excited to root for them (pun intended) in the years to comes!