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This testimonial will leave you wanting to explore your surroundings on this hot summer day, hopefully for some summer time wildflower blooms! Our client, the Florida Wildflower Foundation, uses their pop up canopy as an eye catching display at local festivals and events. They are pleased with their purchase and always, we are pleased with their review.

Our canopy is still doing great! We get comments from other vendors attending festivals on how nice and sturdy the structure is. Most everything else we’ve seen is flimsy.”-Florida Wildflower Foundation

We are lucky, our clients are always doing good for their communities. The Florida Wildflower Foundation, a non-profit organization, proves that to be true yet again. Their mission is “to enrich lives with Florida’s native wildflowers”. They do this through education, planting and research projects. They are able to fund this great work using sales from their state wildflower license plate. In the last 16 years, they have received $3 million in donations, amazing!

Wild flowers are pretty special and are uniquely important to ecosystems. If you are lucky to live in Florida, click here to get some great resources to help you grow wildflowers that will be best for your specific landscape. Live somewhere else? Check out Wildflowers Across North America for great recommendations and knowledge. Perhaps you are the type who would rather take in their beauty without doing the work of gardening. Here are the best places to see wildflowers around the United States.  Happy gardening!