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Testimonial Thursday: Gliptone


“Thank you for a fantastic job and quick turnaround. The canopys even came a day earlier than expected which worked out perfect since we were able to use them at show going on in upstate NY. The feedback has been very positive”-Gliptone

Our goal at KD Kanopy is to help you put your company in front of customers. We are happy to help you develop a look and help choose the product that best suits your needs. There is a reason we have led this industry for the past 3 decades, we have great customers who understand the importance of a quality product.

It makes us so happy when our clients are happy and we love being able to feature their positive feedback through our blog. Today, we feature Gliptone, a client who agrees with us, it’s all in the quality of your product.

Gliptone is all about high quality products and they stay true to their word. This company started in New York back in 1947.  Local car enthusiasts believed in Gliptone’s desire to create car wax using high quality products and of course, they use a high quality process. These car enthusiasts started talking about the impressive product that Gliptone created and their company took off. As a non-advertising brand, the bulk of this company’s business has come from a long time marketing trick, word of mouth.

Over the years, they have stayed true to the importance of creating high quality products for their customers. Now, they are more than car wax. Their product line includes ‘wash n’ glow’, ‘carnauba paste’, ‘cream wax’, and leather cleaner/conditioner. Gliptone satisfies car enthusiasts all over the world with these products and prides itself as being “the most useful and the highest quality available in today’s fast paced, results driven detailing industry”. Are you a car enthusiast looking to spruce up your collection of quality car care products? Check out their website!