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Testimonial Thursday: Kings of Tailgating


Football season is in full swing and you know what that means, tailgating. We, at KD, love a good tailgate & we wanted to take a quick timeout to showcase one of our tailgate loving clients, the Kings of Tailgating. Nobody does tailgating quite like these guys, trust us.

 We got the tent last week in time for our event. Everyone loved the tent and tables covers. We are very happy with how this turned out.” —Kings of Tailgating

Their latest event outside of a Penn State game was a showstopper. Thanks to their eye-catching pop-up canopy, their rail curtains and their table covers, the Kings of Tailgating were ready for an afternoon of what they do best. And to top off their stunning branding set up, they chose to have each accessory, as well as their canopy, custom printed. This definitely sets them apart but so does their service.

The best part of a good tail gate is the food/drink, the games, & the fun, right? Leave it to the Kings of Tailgating to provide all of that and more. From the start of your tail gate to the very end (and all the time in between), these guys have you covered. During the game, a staff member is there to make sure the food is stocked, the drinks are flowin’ & you’re having a great time. The end of the tailgate means it’s game time. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the pre-party up, a KOT staff member does it all for you so you’ll only have one thing on your mind: the game. Wow, could it get any easier?

KOT has an array of different packages to choose from to suit you and your party needs. Did we mention they bring everything? Their list of gear, games, and food seems endless. And just like at KD Kanopy, they can customize your tailgate to make sure your favorite team is noticed throughout the party.

Right now, KOT are available to take care of your tailgating needs in New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania. Hurry over to their website to start creating the tailgate of your dreams.