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It’s Thursday and at KD Kanopy we love to throw happiness around like confetti on Thursdays. The happiness we hear from a client is the best kind of happiness, the type that keeps on giving. Speaking of giving, Parks Canada knows a thing or two.

We’re not talking about the type of giving that consists of materialistic items. Parks Canada gives us all a better understanding of the natural, jaw-dropping beauty, alongside the cultural heritage of specific areas to teach us (and our future generations) of the importance of protecting what we already have.

“Our Starshade 400 is easy to set up, take down and has also served as a great conversation starter with the general public, allowing us to spread awareness about our program.”-Parks Canada

The bright, bold, custom Star Shade we created for these guys is used at their weekly “Learn-to Camp” event. Parks Canada offers an assortment of activities around the country. You can find these pop-up campsites at libraries, beaches, parks and special events in six different cities which means you can learn all about camping without having to sleep overnight! Or adventure further and experience one of their Overnight Camping events.

This concept is getting us excited about camping season and it’s only December! We love this ‘Learn-to Camp’ idea because camping is a big endeavor and if you’re not familiar with it, you may not be feeling confident adventuring out into the woods. Depending on what Canadian city you are in (Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Halifax), Parks Canada offers a few different ways to enhance your camping experience.

Pop-Up activities are free and happen at convenient locations to introduce you to the camping.

Workshops are also free or priced affordably and help you gain basic camping skills while you learn about fun, outdoor activities.

Overnight events are priced affordably and allow you to experience and overnight camping experience with Parks Canada and they provide all the gear.

If you’re not able to experience Parks Canada and the Learn-to Camp events in person, you will want to check out their website. It offers all types ideas for camping basics including checklists for packing, necessary equipment, how to start a campfire, what you should have in your camp kitchen, camping recipes, safety tips and even information on wildlife.  You will also find information about different campgrounds to explore and how to reserve one.

Learn-to Camp through Parks Canada is such an amazing way for kids (and adults!) to learn to the basics of camping in a safe, fun, inclusive setting. You will create memories that will last a lifetime.

“Camping is important because it brings you back to Mother Earth”

Learn-to Camp