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TESTIMONIAL THURSDAY: Rossler’s Blue Cord Barbecue


Warning: this week’s testimonial is going to make you very hungry! We hope you’ve already eaten lunch or are in the Killeen, TX area and can stop by for some delicious Rossler’s Blue Cord BBQ.

This is by far the best Kanopy I’ve ever worked with. I’m a 20 year Army Infantrymen, that has put up many tents, kanopies, GP mediums and so much more. I love the easy set up and tear down of the KD Kanopy. -Steve Rossler, Rossler’s Blue Cord Barbeque (owner & pitmaster)

Another raving review about the easy set-up of our canopies makes us very happy! There’s nothing better than quickly setting up your canopy at an event so that you can serve up your product to your clients, in this case, your hungry clients.

The product of this business is all of the Central Texas BBW classics we know and love: freshly-smoked pulled pork, beef brisket, baked beans, ribs, pork butt, mac & cheese, smoked turkey breast, sweet potato casserole, smoke prime rib roast, and grilled ribeye tacos. They even have something for that sweet tooth – cheesecake topped with smoke pecans & caramel sauce! We told you’d be hungry.

This isn’t your typical BBQ joint. Steve, the owner & pitmaster, is an active-duty Army non-commissioned officer, who has been serving up this tasty food in Killeen since 2016. Even more impressive, he has been serving in our military for the last 20 years and has earned the Bronze Star Medal with Valor after being deployed to both Afghanistan & Iraq. Steve is “proud to stand next to everyone who has served, past, present and future.” His BBQ catering service pays homage to both family name & military service.

When you order from Steve you’re not just filling your hungry stomach with BBQ to remember forever, but you’re helping to honor his legacy and you’re supporting his veteran-owned business. We could not be more proud to have Steve as a client and look forward to witnessing his business continue to thrive for many years to come.