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Happy Testimonial Thursday, our favorite day of the week. Yes, we enjoy showing you our bold & custom branding products but what we love even more is telling you about the amazing work our clients are doing. This week’s testimonial is from a group who is doing something particularly outstanding. The Fallen Outdoors is a non-profit organization that connects 2 important aspects of life: veterans and the great outdoors. What a brilliant concept. Read more about them (and their testimonial!) below.

As a Veteran nonprofit organization that does outdoor and indoor shows we wanted a canopy that stood out and would also stand up to the elements.   We couldn’t be happier with our KD Kanopy.  It sets us apart from all other booths and vendors and was the only canopy to not have issues at our last event with 50 mph winds.  I’d recommend their canopies to anyone and they also have one of the best costumer service departments I’ve ever dealt with.   -Nate, The Fallen Outdoors

 These guys work to connect all different branches of the military (soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, etc.) with like-minded people who teach them a passion and a skill that they can use for their rest of their lives. Since starting in 2009, The Fallen Outdoors has grown into serving thousands of veterans per year across the United States.

It doesn’t matter how long you have served in the military, The Fallen Outdoors will help you find your place in the great outdoors. Find more about how this works in your state here.  Looking to represent this incredible organization? Pick out a t-shirt or a hat or a hoodie or a decal here & know that your purchase helps support The Fallen Outdoors. Of course, donations from you are more than helpful to keep this cause going strong. Hop over to donate to them here.

We are beyond proud of the work this group is doing. And of course, we are happy to provide them with a canopy that helps them stand out in a crowd! We look forward to watching their organization continue to grow with the years to come.