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There’s nothing better than a happy client, except maybe the beach. Combine those two and the combination is worth celebrating. On this Testimonial Thursday, we are featuring our beach loving clients from Boca Raton, Florida, The Waves Surf Academy.

“The tents are working great!  They’re perfect for our camp programs.”

Just as they mentioned, The Waves Surf Academy (WSA), uses their pop up kanopies at their many different camp programs. These programs are just what you need if you are looking to take your beach experience to the next level. The WSA offers surf camps, lessons and events with the goal of making their programs “both fun & educational”.

Their KD kanopies are the perfect addition to their crew. With their logo printed boldy on the top of their kanopies, they are easy to spot on the beach and make for a great gathering place or landmark for their campers. Looking for a kanopy for your camp program? Check out our website for some exciting options.

The WSA doesn’t just have camps, these camps really go above and beyond. A student from a local university is there to teach campers about marine biology, environmental science, geology, oceanography and more. The ocean becomes a whole new place once you know the importance of these issues. On top of this, you get to surf, paddle-board, boogie-board, swim, play beach games and enjoy other activities. Keep this in mind when you are ready to plan your next birthday party, team building event, marketing event or other fun day.

We at KD Kanopy may be landlocked in cold and wintery Denver, Colorado but we love it. Of course, winter weather looks different in Florida and it isn’t stopping the WSA from taking full advantage of their surroundings. They have a full line-up of camps and clubs for the rest of the winter, and of course into the summer months. Check out their calendar here, even if you aren’t planning a trip to Boca Raton in the near future, it feels good to dream about warmer places.