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The 4-1-1 On FAQs!


Make life easier for your client – create a ‘frequently asked questions’ section on your website! Adding ease into someone’s day is a great feeling, and these days, people need all the ease they can get. An FAQ section serves several important purposes. Yes, they are great for answering common question related to your business, but they also help your customer support team use their valuable time on other priorities. The list of benefits is actually pretty Having an FAQ section is very beneficial. We could come up with a long list but here are 4 quick reasons why you should consider adding an FAQ section to your business’s website.


The reason people come to your website in the first place? It’s usually a question they think to themselves – do they have it cheaper? What are their options? Do they charge for shipping? The one question that they had will turn into several questions as they navigate your website. To save time, they’re going to go straight for your FAQ section so be sure to highlight the extra important selling points – what options you have, how to start their ordering process,  how to contact you if need be.


The last year or so has not been easy. Luckily, we are seeing some restrictions being lifted in several areas across our country. This means that there is potential for lives to be hectic again. Conversations might be including summer events so let’s make that easier for folks. An FAQ section does just that. Websites are usually stuffed full off multiple great pages, tabs, pictures, testimonials, etc. And often, people are crunched for time. Help them out by creating a section that is an easy click away from answering their questions, easing their buying anxiety, and building trust. Getting a new client out of it wouldn’t hurt either, right?


Increasing your rankings within search engine results is what it’s all about! When an FAQ section is done right, it is full of great content, keywords, and information. The more of this that you put into your FAQ section, the better ranking your website will get. It’s a win win.


Let this be known, loud and clear. Shout it out from your FAQ section. This is the perfect place to show off your expertise. Most likely, potential clients are shopping around to find the best fit. Prove to your reader that your product is the best fit. They want to know that your product (or service) is legitimate, that it is established, and you’re professional. Convert those who maybe just stopped by your site to ‘check it out’ into a future customer.

Creating an effective FAQ section is good for your business and your customers. It shouldn’t take long to create and it’s worth every second. Visit KD Kanopy’s FAQ section here!