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The 411 on the Backdrop Banner!


We want to make sure you get noticed at events, indoor & out. Let our Backdrop Banner do the trick!

Imagine taking your tradeshow exhibit to the next level with one of our custom printing offers. Keyword: custom. Like our other branding tools, this means you choose the graphics, pictures & colors and we do the printing.

We will take your ideas and your best selling products & turn them into larger than life-size displays. We know what you’re probably thinking and you’re right. These displays are big. 80 square feet big. But don’t think that their size has anything to do with their set up. It’s quite the opposite really, they are easy to set up & take down. They use existing tradeshow hardware to hang and drumroll, please. The Backdrop Banners will fit into your briefcase! We really can’t think of a reason that you should be using a plain ‘ol curtain at your display. Can you?