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The KD Kanopy Advantage (Literally)


We’re sure you already know the advantages of KD Kanopy – awesome customer service, easy to set up canopies and not to mention our array of fabric colors that could make a box of Crayolas green with envy. But hang on a second – we’re not talking about those advantages. We’re talking about the Advantage. You know – our latest KD Kanopy tent.

With a name like the “Advantage,” you’ve probably got some pretty high expectations. This is KD Kanopy, after all. So, where’d the Advantage get such a name? What makes this tent so cool?

The Advantage is our “everyday” tent. Don’t get us wrong – we love our StarShade, Majestic and the rest of the crew. But sometimes it’s just you, the wife, your neighbor and the dog enjoying a backyard BBQ. You don’t need a 20’ tent, huh? Advantage to the rescue! For the days when you need a small, portable and easy to set up tent that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, we’ve got you covered.

Just because it won’t break the bank doesn’t mean we didn’t make the Advantage with the same attention to detail and high quality materials as the rest of our products – oh no. Our tents are supported by a white powder coated steel frame that looks cool and will stand the test of time. Let’s not forget the patented Dynidiom fittings, which is just our fancy way of saying “hey, you won’t have to worry about your canopy binding.”

We know you’ve been eying our KD Kanopy products since you ordered that big StarShade for the wedding you planned or that big expo your work attended. But hey, we’re here to say live a little! Now we’ve got a tent for everybody and every day.