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The New Kid in Town: KD Kanopy Monarch


After 27 years in the business, we learned a thing or 27 about how to make canopies. We learned that custom graphics over every square inch of fabric makes for one cool final product. We learned that nobody wants to spend their afternoon setting up their new canopy. We also learned how to make a really ridiculously strong frame.

After sitting at the drawing board for a bit, we designed our greatest canopy yet!*Meet the Monarch. Introduced to the adoring masses just this July, the Monarch learned a thing or two about style and strength from its predecessors – but with a small twist.

We’ve always made our canopies with long lasting and durable aluminum frames, but the Monarch? The Monarch breaks the mold with its carbon nylon fiber frame. Weighing in at just 39lbs, this is the type of frame that will withstand the test of time and even some freak gusts of wind.

When your friends inevitably ask you, “what is your Monarch’s frame made out of, by the way?”, you can sound really cool and drop the c-word (carbon), then sneak in the fact that – oh yeah – it’s only about 4x stronger than an aluminum frame. If Randy “Macho Man” Savage were still with us, this would be the type of frame he’d want for his canopy.

When you’re done bragging about how all the other frames are like a toothpick compared to your Monarch’s, you can also show off your full coverage digital printed canopy top. Can you say “cooooooool”?