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The Search for the Best Canopy Tent Materials for Your Outdoor Events


Organizing outdoor events is a great idea for promoting your business, but with the elements not always being kind, rainfall being a frequent issue and scorching summer sunlight singeing your skin, you might want to consider a good canopy tent to protect you and your workers from the heat, rain or even snow, depending on when you organize your event.

custom pop up tents

Of course, a canopy tent won’t be worth much if it breaks after the first use. So you also need to follow the best guidelines for finding the right canopy tent materials, before buying it:

  1. Consider 100% PVC custom pop-up tents for countering UV exposure. When the sun is too powerful, PVC pop-up tents can protect you, and it’s considered to be a more permanent and long term solution when compared, for example to cafe umbrellas.
  2. Nylon tents can also be a good idea, but despite the fact that these tents are very good at keeping the rain away, they’re practically useless against UV radiation, and they’re also some of the smallest canopy tents you can use.
  3. Despite not being waterproof, canvas canopies are very robust, and they’re also great for windy weather.
  4. Finally, probably the best combination of materials for canopy tents is PVC coated polyester. Cheap, light and waterproof, these canopy tents combine the weatherproof capabilities of nylon tents with the UV-repelling qualities of PVC. PVC marquees also look very beautiful, and can help you give your business a better look during the event.