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The Star Shade Changes the Way you Do Events


Our Star Shade designs are one of our top sellers. Like our other world-class canopies, they are perfect for businesses & companies to use at tradeshows, markets or even conventions. But maybe you are looking to have a Star Shade for personal use! You are in the right spot. With their incredibly unique shape & an easy set-up, the Star Shade could change the way you do events. Here are a few ideas.

Jazz up your next outdoor party

Yes, our Star Shade design is unique to this industry & boy does it look cool when it’s set up at a wedding or other outdoor party! Did we mention, set-up is easy? Secure them to the ground with ground stakes or use our Star Shade plates to set them up on a flat surface. Either way, your guests will be wowed. Plus, they make the perfect place for guests to gather to stay out of the elements. We have a variety of sizes & colors to choose from for your next event!

 Create a stage

 Looking for an exciting way to create an outdoor stage? Our Star Stage 500  is ready to help. Acoustics are great & sightlines for an audience are too. This canopy will stand 21 feet high, will give you 550 square feet of covered space & requires a 55-foot diameter for set-up. Speaking of, set-up for this Star design is quick & simple. You will be ready for the show in 20 minutes! The whole thing packs into 3 bags that will easily fit into the trunk of your car. This canopy design is specific to KD Kanopy which we know will bring music to your ears.

Provide Shade

A good amount of shade is provided by this canopy, just as the name suggests. They are ideal to quickly set up in your backyard or at the lake when sunshine & high temperatures are in the forecast. When you bring a StarShade to the park or to the lake, not only is it easy to set up & break down, but you also create a great landmark for the rest of your group. It will be easy for them to spot you. At your next backyard party, it’s the perfect way to mark the place of the party. In the summer, temperatures are sure to rise & people will be looking for the shady spots to hang out. Outdoor gatherings are one of the best parts of summertime, we hope a Star Shade is on your next guest list!