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The StarShade: A Festival Favorite


This week we have been celebrating the one and only, Burning Man. 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of your not so usual festival. It’s an experience like no other in a place like no other, the desert of Nevada. We are so excited to be chosen by many Burning Man goers for our high quality products. Our StarShade stood out as being a crowd favorite on ePlaya, an online community where Burning Man attendees can gather to exchange ideas about their week in Nevada. It’s a forum operated by the Burning Man Project and is chalked full of information. Interested in signing up? Click here.

Burning Man is a week-long festival created in a temporary city, Black Rock City, Nevada. People gather from all parts of the country to celebrate diversity, art, music, community togetherness and at the end of the week, they pack up and head out, as if nothing ever happened.

Our StarShade design stands out as being especially perfect for a week in the desert. Here’s 3 reasons why festival goers picked our product to help them out this week.

They’re perfect for camping out.

Referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of structures, the StarShade is the perfect place to set up camp under. Festival goers mentioned it was “impressively stout and unphased by the elements”. They couldn’t be more right. The StarShade is a tension-fabric structure that will withstand the elemets. Weather will never be a problem, our side panels quickly and easily enclose your StarShade so that you are left dry and ready to party.  One Burning Man participant mentioned that he would “have no problems placing my bets on this one”.

It’s not going to blow away if you leave it for the day.

Burning Man is all about getting out and exploring the event. There’s endless art and music exhibits so chances are you are not going to be staying at your camp for too long. StarShades are great because once they’re up, they’re not going anywhere. One of our customers has a good reminder, “with the right stakes, this one should have no problems”. These structures can be set up using ground stakes or can be set up on hard surfaces using our new StarShade plates. Another customer said “we’ve seen what the wind can do to structures and I think this shape lends itself to lower wind resistance and the open nature helps as well”.  Feel confident knowing that your structure will be there when you get back from a long day of exploring all the event has to offer.

They look cool while providing shade!

Back in the early 1990s we introduced our StarShade design which revolutionized the look of portable tents. The StarShade tent stands out amongst its fellow tents with its unique look, the perfect alternative to the square four-post canopy tent. One customer even referred to it as being “amazing and so sweet to look at”. Shade is something you are going to be seeking while spending a week in the desert and the StarShade will have you covered. With our single center pole, you can choose from 3 sizes, each covering you with adequate amount of shade.

The StarShade is multi-functional and could be perfect for your next event, check out our website for more details!