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Think Outside the Box: Branding Solutions That Use Custom Printed Tents


Whether you’re at a trade show, a festival or any special corporate event, it’s essential to make a move and promote your company in the best possible way. As a startup, you’ll want to get a lot of positive attention, and the worst thing you can do is to show up with a bland and uninteresting event tent.

custom 10x10 canopy

Thinking outside the box, you can achieve a lot at these events just by coming up with a creative way to integrate your branding-related graphics into just about any type of material or item that ends up on display. One way is to add branding colors, logos and graphics depicting your company to custom event tents and printed tents. You can take it one step further and introduce catchier items like a pop up custom 10×10 canopy with logo designs and a step and repeat banner.

In terms of the actual graphics, you’ll find that it’s not really enough to just add your company logo along with logos of sponsors and investors who support you. In a lot of cases, you also have to make it interesting by adding everything from special offers and discounts to unique catch phrases, graphics and even cartoons you might come up with that can link your company’s mission with the event theme.