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Tips and Tricks to Ensure the Long-Life of Your Custom Canopy


Keeping your customized canopy looking (and performing!) like new for years to come.

Congratulations! You have taken the time to craft the perfect customized canopy for your unique marketing needs! The colors are just right, the logo is perfect, and you are ready to share your message with the world. Now that you understand the benefits of functional marketing material that you can take anywhere (and everywhere!) you won’t want to go without it. Following these tips and tricks will keep your canopy like new, and prepared for any adventure that lies ahead.

Whether your product is brand new or has years of love under its belt, these three tips will go over the care and maintenance of your canopy, and ensure that your product holds up for years to come (no matter the journey ahead.)

1. When Setting up your Canopy

Practice makes perfect! If you haven’t set up your canopy before, practice at home to ensure you understand how the canopy works, and what is expected during the setup process. Additionally, we recommend you read the instructions  (yes, all of them!) beforehand and only use two people when setting up your customized canopy. While you may think “the more the merrier” when it comes to the set-up of your farmer’s market booth or festival tent, the truth is that we make our canopies easy to set-up, with only two people. Too many helping hands can cause damage.

Finally (and this should go without saying!) don’t force anything into place. If something feels stuck, it probably shouldn’t be moving! If you notice any rips, tears, or structural damage within your canopy, we want to know about it. Contact us if something seems off when setting up your canopy.

2. When Using Your Canopy

Our canopies are water resistant, but they aren’t waterproof! With this in mind, your tent may be an ideal solution for keeping the light rain off of you (and your items!) but should not be used as a shelter in the case of heavy rain or snow. Additionally, water pooling on top of the canopy can cause damage, so we recommend packing up, or ensuring the roof of your canopy stays puddle free if a sudden downpour comes your way.

High winds can wreak havoc on canopies, so always ensure you stake your canopy down with the stakes provided, (even when there doesn’t seem to be a breath of wind on a blue sky day.) The stakes will help keep your canopy secure and sturdy in the event of  wind or rambunctious neighbors. (An added safety best practice is this: don’t leave your canopy unattended for long periods. This is a temporary structure, so a watchful eye is necessary to ensure your canopy is performing exactly how it needs to.)

3. When Taking Down Your Canopy

Done for the day and ready to pack up? Make sure that the canopy is clean and dry! (Trust us, the last thing you want when taking your canopy out next time is a muddy or soggy product!)

But perhaps the most important tip for taking down and storing your canopy is to ensure the tent is not stored with the top on the frame. This can loosen the frame parts over time, and cause overall structural damage. So when the day is done, dry off your tent, and remove it from the top of the frame (just as the included instructions indicate!) to ensure the longevity of your canopy.

World-Class Customer Service for the Long-Life of Your Canopy

We get it, sometimes you follow all of the tips and tricks for the care and maintenance of your canopy, and you still need a little additional support. That’s why our  world-class customer service team is here to help. (Our top-notch service team  is one of the many reasons that customers across the nation choose KD Kanopy!)

Whether you need replacement parts, return information, or additional knowledge about care, maintenance, reach out at any time. We look forward to helping you ensure the longevity of your customized canopy while sharing your message with the world.