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Tips to Provide Covid Safe Outside Seating with Branded Tents and Canopies


Outdoor dining places are the safest way and, in many towns and cities, the only way to enjoy a delicious meal outside homes, and branded tents and canopies are used by many other businesses to provide seating for customers.

custom tents


The branded tents and canopies provide great promotion opportunities, but the company that uses them also needs to pay extra attention to ensuring COVID safety. Here are some tips how to provide a safe environment:

  • Continuous disinfection – whenever a seat in your tent or under your canopy becomes free, immediately disinfect the table and the seating;
  • Observe rules of distancing – place the seating and the tables (if any) in a way that leaves sufficient space between the people using the seats;
  • Contactless service – if you serve food and beverages in your branded tent, ensure that there is no physical contact between the people serving and the customers. You can achieve that with the help of side tables on which the food and the beverages are placed;
  • Provide multiple, smaller tents – small custom tents, suitable for seating a maximum of three or four people is a safer way to go than providing a large tent, although even the large tents usually get good ventilation.