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Understanding the Function of a Step and Repeat Banner


Not many people know what a step and repeat banner is, although they have surely seen one. That banner is covered by a repeating logo, which can often be seen at events, behind celebrities who get photographed or filmed.

step and repeat banners

Like other types of banners, cost effective step and repeat banners are marketing tools that allow you to advertise your business for a very affordable price. It can be manufactured in various sizes (they typically start from 8′ x 4′) and from different materials (vinyl is the cheaper option, while the fabric is the superior choice) to fit any marketing budget.

A step and repeat banner makes a great first impression, and the visibility of your logo is also ensured due to it being repeated so many times. People love getting photographed in front of such a banner because it makes them feel important and celebrity-like. Besides, photos taken in front of a step and repeat banner circulate better than others are posted on websites and shared on social media.

If you opt for this marketing tool for your business, you will surely get more exposure – and for quite a long time, too. With proper care, long lasting step and repeat banners will make your investment even more profitable.