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Happy first day of spring! Some of us will probably be enjoying fake spring for the next few weeks, with some winter mixed in. But, it is officially spring after today. Soon enough, the skies across Colorado and other parts of the country will clear and everything will dry out. The sun will warm things up a bit but then, in a couple short weeks, those April showers will invade the forecasts. Are you ready? Or shall we ask, is your tent ready? Keep an eye on the weather if you are looking to use your canopy outside in the next few months.

Do you know the difference between water-resistant & water-proof tops?

All of our canopy tops are water-resistant thanks to a finish we add to the fabric we use. This means they can tolerate a light spring rain. The water will bead up and drizzle off the tent top, leaving what you have on display underneath, dry. Anything more than a light rain may cause trouble for your canopy top. You never know when a torrential downpour may hit, but if it does, your canopy top will be threatened with a great deal of water weight. Your canopy frame will not appreciate this extra weight and the integrity of it will be compromised. It may hold the water weight, but you will no longer have the canopy you once did.

A water-proof tent will allow for those big torrential rains. It will stop any rain from leaking through. You will usually find this type of tent if you are looking in the camping department at your local retailer. An event tent, like the industry-leading ones we create, are not designed to give you this type of water security.

Keep an eye on the skies. Pack your canopy up if it looks like big rains are in the forecast. This is the best thing to keep in mind for your tent to last longer. We are always happy to help answer questions you may have regarding your canopy top or other product. Don’t hesitate to contact us!