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Ways to Brand and Customize Your Summer Event


Summer is a season for spending more time in fresh air and also a time for summer events, such as fairs and trade shows. These events are excellent opportunities for boosting the efficiency of your branding efforts – here are some tips how to make the most of summer festivals:

  • Use branded freebies – everyone loves to be given something for free, so prepare samples of your products to hand out. You might also hand out free shopping bags with your logo printed on them or branded bottles of water;

KD Kanopy custom and promotional products

  • Get a branded canopy or tent – working from an attractive, sheltered place at the event is very important, so get a suitably sized canopy or tent. Start preparing for the event early, designing the graphics to be displayed on your tent or on your canopy. Streamline this process by hiring a professional design and production company like KD Kanopy.
  • Set up a chilling place – a couple of hammocks, tables and seating made from pallets are great, low-cost ways to do that;
  • Prepare for mobile payments – these days, getting a POS device to be able to accept payments made with methods other than cash is easy and cheap.