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Ways to Brand Your Business


You have a cool product, and now you need a cool brand. When they hear the word “brand”, most people think of logos. However, branding is much more than that. A brand has personality and identity. It represents the essence of the product, while the logo is just a small part of this complex set of elements.KD Kanopy - brand marketing

Things you may not know about branding:

  • You create the product, but consumers turn it into a brand. However, you are the one who defines and develops it.
  • The product can be copied, it can be replaced, but the brand is unique. For example, we may find cheap and quality no-name sports shoes, but they will not be as popular and successful as branded sport shoes.
  • The product can become obsolete, outdated, replaced by another; but the brand is immortal.
  • The product is important from the moment you created it; the brand becomes important over time.

Essential steps you need to follow when creating a brand

  • Do a market analysis and find a business opportunity
  • Make every effort to understand the consumers as well as their consumption habits
  • Develop your brand and product strategy
  • Design the brand identity
  • Test the product
  • Develop communication and release plan
  • Monitor, evaluate, learn from mistakes

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