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Ways to Keep Guests Comfortable at an Outside Wedding Venue


It is always something special about an outdoor wedding. However, as beautiful as the location may be, there are many hours of planning and a lot of work behind such an event, if you want impeccable organization.

These are some random ways to keep your guests comfortable.

Keep insects at bay

In order not to have problems with insects, hire a pest control company to spray the location, a few days before the event. For extra safety, choose a person in charge to share insect repellent on the day of the event.

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Create a relaxing space

Whether it is the backyard of the house, or the shore of a lake, greet your guests with an arch adorned with flowers, arrange pillows and chairs where they can relax, and, for even more privacy, arrange tables for four people instead of large tables for 8+ people. Look for large wedding tents for sale, and create a beautifully shaded seating area for your guests.

Bare necessities

If there are no toilets in the area, and even if there are a few, you should consider renting some, especially for your event. Nowadays you can find quite luxurious portable toilets, with music, air conditioning or heaters – depending on the season. You can also give your guests a few extra gifts such as personalized towels or high-quality soaps.

Backup plan in case of bad weather

The vagaries of the weather can ruin the atmosphere of an outside wedding and the comfort of your guests, so make sure you have a backup plan.